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Netherlands vs Norway Live

Live HD Tv Netherlands vs Norway Live Streams

The Game strat 22:00 ,

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“It’s nice to meet in the national team camp and to see my sister,” – Norway siblings Ada and Andrine Hegerberg discuss their relationship as they prepare for the opening game.

Netherlands vs Norway Live Streams

The Dutch disease was a false prosperity suffered by the Dutch community between 1900 and 1950 when oil was discovered in the North Sea and enjoyed the blessing over two generations before it was finally completely drained.

While the pace of Europe accelerated towards industrial production, the Dutch people were overwhelmed by a life-saving economy, which was replaced by foreign labor and the importation of goods rather than production (as in our case _the GCC_ these days).

The situation has worsened, because oil revenues have raised the exchange rate of the Dutch currency, which in turn raised the prices of goods exported by the Netherlands and thus failed to compete globally (and even made the Dutch citizen prefer to buy imported goods being less expensive which caused the closure of many factories. In light of the decline in all economic joints, job opportunities have fallen, unemployment has risen, and people have not stopped asking for government subsidies (all symptoms of our society now).

From these facts, economists were alerted to the paradox that occurs when a society has a huge natural wealth that causes the inactivity of production and the weakness of industrialization and the lack of competitive incentive among the members of the society and hence exposes them to the Dutch disease !!

Netherlands vs Norway Live

“Being able to play on the same team as your sister is really special. I enjoy it 100% and it’s a great feeling. We have played together for as long as I can remember, we have been friends and supported each other, and now we’re on the national team together. It’s a dream come true. At the same time, we know each other’s qualities and personality and we try to channel that to help the team get as far as possible.

“We discuss football a lot and give each other small bits of advice on how we see each other’s positions on the pitch. We have a relationship on the pitch, although we still need to develop it. Nevertheless, we don’t talk football all the time.

“We are sisters and we have a whole host of other topics than football. We are both very fond of culture and literature and we talk about aspects of society; she lives in England and I live in France so we have a lot to learn from each other when it comes to our respective experiences off the pitch. It’s nice to meet in the national team camp and to be able to see my sister.”

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